During the Spring 2024 semester, the NMNEC Program Evaluation Committee reviewed and recommended updates to the NMNEC Program Evaluation Student Surveys with the goal of simplifying the surveys for students.

The recommended updates were reviewed and approved by the NMNEC Leadership Council to be implemented with the 2024-2025 academic year. Students completing these student surveys at the end of 2024 Summer courses will be completing the updated versions.

Changes to the surveys include:

  • Addition of an introduction as to the purpose of the surveys for NMNEC program evaluation purposes and not as a course or instructor evaluation.
  • Condensing three previous questions on teaching strategies into one question on learning activities.
  • Editing of the qualitative question to move from ‘biggest challenge’ language to ‘most significant challenge’ and addition of language on ‘how you overcame it’.

The purpose of the updating is to a) reduce confusion for students who have thought the survey was a course or instructor evaluation and b) provide information on how students meet some of their nursing school challenges.

Students complete the surveys (one per level) at the end of each semester/term through SurveyMonkey. Links are provided to NMNEC programs. To see what questions are on the student surveys, NMNEC faculty can find the master reference copies in the NMNEC website faculty login area / Program Evaluation Plan & Reports / NMNEC Program Evaluation Student Survey Reports and Access Links / NMNEC Program Evaluation Student Survey Master Reference Copies.July 2024.