If not certain which staff person to contact, use the NMNEC email or Phone Number below, and one of the NMNEC staff will get back to you.

EmailĀ  nmnec@salud.unm.edu

Phone 505-272-4125

Name Heather Holter

Title Program Manager

E-mail hholter@salud.unm.edu

Phone 505-272-4125

Essential Duties:

Management of statewide initiative, project funding, staff and volunteers; Logistics; Administration; Accounting; Meeting Coordination

Name Kathy Grand, MSN-Ed, RN, CNEcl

Title Outreach Program Manager

E-mail grandk@salud.unm.edu

Office Phone: 505-272-8310 (messages checked weekly)

Mobile Phone: 505-974-8055

Essential Duties:

Manage NMNEC statewide faculty development; Manage statewide curricular implementation plan; Develop and oversee common curricular integrity plan and process; Manage program evaluation

Name Cassandra Bourgeois, RN

Title Graduate Assistant

E-mail cbourgeois@salud.unm.edu

Essential Duties:

Provide assistance to NMNEC staff and faculty