The New Mexico Nursing Education Consortium (NMNEC ⋄”nem-nek”) is a collaborative of state- or tribal-funded nursing programs across the state with a common pre-licensure RN nursing curriculum that supports multiple pathways into nursing.

16 Locations

1 Curriculum

The Curriculum

The NMNEC statewide common curriculum was approved in 2012 and implemented in two schools that year. In 2020, the common pre-licensure curriculum has been implemented in twelve schools in sixteen locations providing transferability in all four quadrants of the state.

Latest News

NMNEC Leadership Council Selects Co-Chairs

The NMNEC Leadership Council lives the NMNEC values of collaboration, partnership, and professionalism in their decision making related to NMNEC. In addition, the Leadership Council also recognizes that there are often requests for who and how to contact NMNEC...

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Education Model

Nursing Education Model provides multiple pathways into nursing education.