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NMNEC is a consortium of nursing education programs, organizations, and individuals throughout the state. They have a commitment to build multiple pathways into nursing education including the implementation of a common statewide curriculum and increasing BSN education.

NMNEC Vision

Collaborative partnerships between public and tribal-funded New Mexico nursing programs builds a culture of communication, support, and unified decision-making that facilitates the ability of nursing programs to prepare a qualified, diverse, and professional nursing workforce to address the healthcare needs of New Mexicans.

(NMNEC Leadership Council updated 03.11.2021)

NMNEC Mission

The mission of the New Mexico Nursing Education Consortium is to prepare nurses for entry into practice and educational advancement through developing and sustaining a resource-efficient and unified system of accessible, innovative, and state-of-the-art nursing education.

(NMNEC Leadership Council updated 03.11.2021)

NMNEC Values

(NMNEC Leadership Council approved 05.27.2021)


  1. Increase number of nurses with BSN and graduate degrees in New Mexico.
  2. Improve efficiency, quality, and educational outcomes of nursing education through collaboration among New Mexico public and tribal-funded community colleges and universities.
  3. Promote a culture of inclusion and increase the diversity of the nursing workforce in New Mexico by improving accessibility to nursing education for under-represented groups.
  4. Continuously seek ways to sustain the work of NMNEC.

(NMNEC Leadership Council updated 03.11.2021)

Creating Opportunities in Nursing Education

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