NMNEC Program Evaluation Committee

Generally meets on the 4th Thursday of the month at 4pm via Zoom – email nmnec@salud.unm.edu to join the conversation

Committee provides program evaluation for the purposes of managing and improving system operations and outcomes pertaining to the NMNEC curriculum. The committee’s responsibilities include:
  • Develop and implement an evaluation process that ensures a systematic program approach to continuing quality improvement that is consistent with NMNEC goals
  • Ensure that program evaluation information is collected and organized
  • Research, review, and report evaluation activities to the NMNEC membership and stakeholders
  • Provide the NMNEC membership with recommendations based on the evaluation information related to program operations and outcomes
    In addition, each member functions as a liaison between own school faculty and NMNEC re: NMNEC program evaluation topics.

Co-Chair, Shauna Mangum, San Juan College ADN/BSN Faculty
Email mangums@sanjuancollege.edu


Co-Chair, Susan Grohman, Luna Community College ADN Faculty
Email sgrohman@luna.edu

NMNEC Leadership Council Liaison, Judy Liesveld, University of New Mexico

Email jliesveld@salud.unm.edu