The NMNEC Curriculum Committee has updated and revised the NMNEC Clinical Evaluation Tools and the NMNEC Leadership Council with optional piloting of the tools by any NMNEC program through S Summer 2021. This pilot is continuing through Spring 2022 with plans to approve for formal NMNEC-wide implementation in Fall 2022.

The new clinical evaluation tools are streamlined (paper version) to include the formative and summative evaluations in one tool. In addition, the updated NMNEC Clinical Evaluation Tools standardize that clinical performance is evaluated as meeting the NMNEC level objectives rather than the course objectives. All course objectives are mapped to the level objectives so use of the level objectives provides a comprehensive and consistent approach to clinical evaluation across all levels. The new clinical evaluation tools also standardize that meeting each course competency is evaluated and documented, again providing a comprehensive and consistent approach to evaluation of course competencies in each clinical course.

The NMNEC Clinical Evaluation Tool TEMPLATES are Word documents that are formatted so they can easily be converted to fillable forms. When converted to a fillable form, the content cannot be edited and content can only be entered where there are fields to complete.

If using an electronic format for clinical evaluation, these templates can also be used as the content guides for what is essential to be included.

The NMNEC Clinical Evaluation Tool TEMPLATES along with instructions on how to create fillable forms from the templates specific for each NMNEC program are available to NMNEC Faculty through Faculty Log In / Clinical Documents / NMNEC Clinical Eval Templates – 2021 – 2022 Pilot