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Thank You for Being an Amazing Nurse!

National Nurses WeekIn 1982, a congressionalresolution designated May 6 asNational Recognition Day forNurses. A few years later, in 1990,the American Nurse Associationexpanded the recognition tocreate National Nurses Week,which takes place May 6–12.

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Amendment to NMNEC Progression Policy for 2020 Spring Approved

In response to requests for flexibility in student progression related to the abrupt changes in course delivery caused by COVID-19, NMNEC Leadership Council and NMNEC Curriculum Member Programs approved an amendment to the NMNEC Progression Policy. This amendment is...

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NMNEC Curriculum Exemplars Alphabetical List Now Available

There is a new NMNEC Curriculum Document available that alphabetically lists the concept exemplars. The corresponding concept and course is listed for each exemplar. This is a NMNEC faculty resource that can be useful to quickly locate where a specific topic...

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