The NMNEC Outreach Program Manager Position will be available starting July 1, 2021, but will be posting for this position soon as the possibility of Orientation/Mentoring is available in Spring 2021!

NMNEC will post an announcement when the posting is available. In the meantime, here is general information about the position that was shared at the NMNEC Statewide Faculty Meeting in October 2020.

Job Duties*

Manage NMNEC Curricular Integrity

Manage NMNEC Program Evaluation Data Collection and Analysis

Provide support for NMNEC Faculty and Program Directors

Assist with Statewide Implementation of the NMNEC Curriculum

Position Requirements*


Experience as a NMNEC Nurse Educator

Experience in Curriculum Development/Revision and Evaluation

Experience in Program Data Collection and Analysis

*May change when position officially posted

For further information or to share possible interest in the position, email NMNEC at